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Online Education

The ADTO and Online Education

Courses geared for busy lives

Dental technology is constantly evolving, with new products, new procedures and new approaches constantly being announced. Staying on top of all this can be daunting, given our challenging work schedules and the busy nature of our lives. The ADTO's online courses are designed to address this.

At the ADTO, we are committed to ensuring that dental technologists in Ontario maintain a gold standard reputation in North America and around the world. As such, we have devoted key resources to developing an online education program that will help our members stay at the cutting edge of the industry, with a knowledge base that is second to none.

Courses can be accessed by logging into a secure web environment, with a system that allows self tracking and evaluations after each module.

24x7 access means you can learn at your own pace

The ADTO’s online courses were launched after careful planning and with a lot of input from members. We heard from you about the challenges associated with attending seminars or in-class courses. Competing work schedules, along with the time, travel, weather conditions and associated expenses all factored into making on-site seminars a stressful experience.

We designed the online courses so that you can log in when it’s convenient to you…whether that is during down time at work, or late at night once the kids have been put to bed. Courses are split into modules, so you can learn at your own pace rather than have to focus on it all in one session.

The course slideshows are accompanied by voice narration (as well as images and video where appropriate), and can be paused when needed. You can also quickly search for or skip over sections during review.

Developed by experts

Our courses have been developed by subject matter experts, and are recognized by the College of Dental Technologists of Ontario (CDTO). With our first course, for example (Advanced Jurisprudence and Ethics) the ADTO is currently the only organization approved for online delivery.  

Current Courses

Fundamentals of Removable Prosthetics

Fundamentals of removable prosthetics online course is designed and aimed to instruct complete denture prosthetic concepts for the dental professional by increasing personal knowledge, proficiency and productivity. It entails the step – by -step procedure of denture fabrication from the first clinical appointment to the final insertion.

  • 6 QA points

Learning objectives

  • Clinical and Laboratory Appointments in sequence
  • Cast Analysis and Mounting
  • Anterior/ Posterior Tooth Selection
  • Final Setup and Flasking Process

After completing of the online course, it is recommended that participants complete the Superior Dentures online course.

COURSE FEE: Members: $129 + HST; Non-members: $229 + HST


Superior Dentures

Superior Dentures is the ultimate guide in fabricating full dentures from beginning to the end using the Ivoclar Vivadent products. The participant will also learn about the products and its techniques along with tips and tricks of establishing a state of the art denture.

  • 6 QA points



Human Resource Management, Record Keeping & WHMIS

As health care professionals and leaders in our industry, many of us are supervising RDTs. We are very pleased to have created a course that is geared around human resource management and record keeping.

This course has been broken down into nine modules, making it easier to fit into your schedule. Seven modules are dedicated to human resource management, and explore topics within the legal concepts and framework in the context of dental technology as practised in British Columbia and Ontario. One module is on record keeping (including five resource manuals) and we have included one module on WHMIS (workplace hazardous materials information system) which is an approved course to obtain the certification that is mandatory Canada-wide.

  • Downloadable certificate is available after passing test upon completion
  • Total 10 hours 
  • 18 QA points

COURSE FEE: Members: $199 + HST; Non-members: $399 + HST


Challenges of Digital Technology: Moving into the digital age and how it all works together

In this 3.5-hour course, Gary Maxon, CDT, discusses evaluation and implementation of CAD/CAM into a dental laboratory.

  • 4 QA points

COURSE FEE: Members: $79 + HST; Non-members: $129 + HST


IPS e.max Press Technology

The Fundamentals of Press Technology Course Online Course covers the fundamentals of the IPS e.max technique including IPS e.max components for pressing (IPS e.max Press and IPS e.max ZirPress) and IPS e.max Ceram for the layering fabrication technique. 

  • Helps you understand wax-up techniques for all-ceramic restorations; proper spruing, investing and burnout techniques; pressing all-ceramic restorations using the EP5000 and EP3000 press furnaces; and more
  • Earn 18 QA points for your professional development portfolio

COURSE FEE: Members $149 + HST; Non-members: $249 +  HST


Pressure Cooker Confidence 

Roger Haskett is a motivational speaker and a seasoned actor who will explore the techniques that performers use to excel in stressful situations. This session is designed to develop authenticity, confidence and engagement skills so that you can communicate effectively while under pressure.

  • 2 QA points

COURSE FEE: Free to members; Non-members: $79 + HST

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